About Swim Australia in Egypt

Our dedicated team is committed to providing outstanding sports services to the community. We have achieved great success by acquiring Swim Australia, the top swimming program, and have trained over 3,000 swimmers across seven branches since 2020.

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Working process

With over 16 years of experience in sports, particularly swimming, we have honed our processes to offer the most efficient and error-free services to our clients. Our expertise allows us to provide a smooth working cycle for both our customers and our internal operations.

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Our Team

Our team consists of carefully chosen individuals whose characters align with our goals. Our role is to enhance their skills and knowledge through regular and organized training sessions. To keep our team motivated, loyal, and constantly improving, we have implemented an evaluation program that encourages personal growth. All these efforts contribute to the ongoing development and success of our brand.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to bring a distinctive swimming learning experience to communities in the MENA Region

Our Mission

We aim to provide an one-of-a-kind swimming learning experience to the community, ensuring the happiness, health, and safety of each individual. Our goal is to foster an environment where short-term success translates into log-term achievement, while bringing people together through the power of sport

Our Programs

Baby swim

Infant and toddler swim programs provide a safe environment for introducing little ones to swimming. With trained instructors, babies learn floating, kicking, and breath control techniques, developing water confidence and coordination. These programs also foster strong bonds between parents/caregivers and their children, promote water safety knowledge, and cultivate a lifelong love for swimming. The program starts at 3 months and continues until 36 months of age.

Kids swim

Our kids swim program is designed for children aged 5 to 15, offering a safe and structured learning environment. Led by experienced instructors, kids learn essential swimming skills, including various strokes, diving techniques, and water safety practices. The program aims to build confidence, enhance endurance, and promote physical fitness. We cater to children of all skill levels, providing a comprehensive swim program tailored to their age and abilities. Ultimately, our goal is to foster a lifelong love for swimming as a fun and healthy activity.

Adult swim

Adult swimming program is designed for individuals aged 16 to 99 who want to learn or improve their swimming skills. This program offer a supportive environment where participants of all abilities can feel comfortable. With experienced instructors, personalized coaching is provided based on individual goals and skill levels. The curriculum covers various strokes, breathing techniques, and water safety. Engaging in this program enhances physical fitness and cardiovascular health while offering a refreshing and enjoyable way to stay active. It's never too late to experience the benefits of swimming, regardless of age.

Ladies swim

A ladies-only adult swimming program is available for women aged 16 to 99 who want to develop healthy habits and improve their swimming skills. The program offers a private pool exclusively for female participants, creating a supportive and comfortable environment. Experienced instructors customize the program to meet the individual goals and skill levels of each participant. Whether beginners or advanced swimmers looking to refine their technique, the program covers different strokes, breathing techniques, and water safety. Engaging in this program enhances physical fitness and cardiovascular health while providing a refreshing and enjoyable way to stay active. It also fosters connections, support, and confidence-building among women in a safe and empowering setting. Regardless of age, women can dive into the world of swimming and embrace its many benefits.

Ladies only programs

Aqua aerobics

A ladies-only aqua aerobics class provides an enjoyable and effective workout in a private pool exclusively for women. Led by experienced instructors, the class combines aerobic exercises with the resistance and buoyancy of water, reducing stress on joints while providing a challenging cardio workout. Women of all fitness levels can participate, as exercises can be modified. Aqua aerobics improves cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, and flexibility, and offers a refreshing way to socialize. Joining such a class prioritizes health and well-being in a supportive and empowering group setting.

Hydro dynamics

Our exclusive hydrodynamics program takes aqua aerobics to an advanced level, incorporating specialized tools and equipment into circuit-style workouts. By leveraging the principles of hydrodynamics, participants enhance strength, endurance, and overall fitness while using resistance tools, water dumbbells, and buoyancy belts. Experienced instructors guide participants to maximize their movements in the water, providing an invigorating and high-intensity aquatic workout. This program offers a unique and dynamic experience, surpassing traditional aqua aerobics.

Our Goals

Our aim is to extend our services to the MENA region and deliver top-notch sports events and camps. We are dedicated to offering an exceptional experience to athletes, regardless of their age or skill level, while creating a remarkable and one-of-a-kind atmosphere for everyone involved.